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You prepare the manuscript of your article on English or Ukrainian according to the demands. Please, check out Author Guidelines and get acquainted with the design rules.

You send us all the material, which is needed (the manuscript of your article, a summary on English and Ukrainian, an abstract on English and the information about yourself. In five or less working days you will get informed about receiving the article and the assignment of reviewers. If you would like to publish your article in the nearest issues, please consider the defined deadlines (check out Deadlines)

While working with reviewers you correct the manuscript (if it’s needed) and send the new variant of your article on our E-mail: Please be ready to send additional information about yourself if it’s necessary

The editorial decides to publish an article only after the reviewers appreciate it. After that you will be informed about the decision in five or less working days. After receiving your written consent and sending all the needed information the manuscript of an article will be published in the journal. You can receive s printed issue of the journal (personally in the editorial office or by post). Also you will have access to the digital version of the journal on our site.